Optimized anthracite and coke screening

Optimization of anthracite - coke - coal preparation in Salzgitter Beddingen

Since Winter 2014-2015 the Hermann Hollmann GmbH & Co. operates with 2 screening plants.

In order to maintain flexibility and to be more customizable in the coal preparation on the leased storage of Verkehrsbetriebe Peine-Salzgitter in Salzgitter-Beddingen, the Hermann Hollmann GmbH & Co. has installed a second screening plant in winter 2014-2015. The new screening machine of the type Sandvik QA331 now works hand in hand with its predecessor Fintec 542.

Screening of anthracite coal and coke

For the preparation and screening of coal products, mainly anthracite and coke, 2 great


benefits are achieved for the company. The coals used as the starting material, usually with a grain size of 0-100mm what is abandoned for screening, can now be screened in 5 grain fractions instead of 3. A huge time saving is achieved and the capacity is increased firstly. Furthermore, the undersize grain, like anthracite fines or coke breeze, usually less than 35mm, 25mm or 20mm are processed directly in a much drier state. Thus, the sieve sharpness of under grain is optimized accordingly. The interim storage of anthracite coal or coke 0-20mm / -40mm has done so far.