The fuel supplier

was founded in 1949 and is a family-run company. The coal merchant from Melle in South of Niedersachsen concentrates mainly on sale of solid fuels primarily coke and anthracite. It began with classic coal trade with an own coaling station and a developed vehicle fleet to supply the domestic heating sector. Today the company functions as an interdisciplinary industrial service partner.

The countries Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine and South Africa belong to the most important suppliers. Customers are in main focus based in Germany. For many years now, Hermann Hollmann jun. has been supplying coke and coal to renowned companies in lime, steel and sugar industries besides wholesale and other sectors.

The product portfolio focuses on the different coke and anthracite sorts of the mentioned countries and the deployable products in Germany. Not only of developed sustainable technologies and processes the partners and customers are supplied according to their specific requirements.